2Framing, Roof, Insulation & Drywall

You’ll see rapid and exciting changes during phase two. Walls, roof and all the hallmarks of new home construction happen during this phase.

  1. Install floor joists and framingThe floor joists go on first
  2. Install second floor if applicableWalls are framed
  3. Install roofInstall the roof
  4. Install windows and exterior doorsInstall windows and exterior doors
  5. Install shower and tub fixturesInstall tubs/showers
  6. Dig well if applicableWell is dug
  7. Rough heating and plumbingRough heating and plumbing
  8. Install wall insulationWalls are insulated
  9. Install and finish drywallDrywall goes up
  10. Pour driveway and sidewalksDriveways, sidewalks, patios
  11. Install exterior trim and sidingSiding and exterior trim

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