Standard specifications in all Team constructed new homes.

All Team Homes Include These Standard Specifications

Team constructs high-quality homes built to industry standards for strength and durability. Below you’ll find a detailed description of our standard specifications.

Team's standard features for all of their new construction homes.


  • Provide Elkhart County building permit fee allowance
  • Provide waste removal for all construction debris
  • Provide final cleaning of entire interior of home
  • Stub gas & electric for connection by utility company. Any Excess service charge will be the buyers responsibility.
  • Provide temporary electrical service & usage

Site Work

  • Digging for the basement/foundation, backfill, and rough-grade lawn
  • Provide 50' of 3/4" water line and connection to city main
  • Provide 50' of 4" sewer line and connection to city main


  • 8" thick 93" high poured basement walls, 4' for garage
  • 4" concrete basement and garage slab
  • 3' wide concrete sidewalk from the driveway to the front porch
  • Concrete front porch (per model/drawing)
  • 12'x12' concrete patio slab
  • Approaches at garage service door 3' x 4'
  • Damp-proof basement foundation walls
  • 16' 8" wide concrete driveway from the garage to the curb (A maximum of 45' ) The individual concrete plan will take precedent for each instance.
  • Footer tile on the inside of the foundation stubbed to the sump pit


  • SilentFloor I-joists, spaced per engineering requirements
  • 3/4" T & G OSB flooring glued & screwed
  • 2"x6" exterior walls @ 24" o/c, 2"x4" interior walls @ 16" o/c
  • Wood trusses with roof pitch (per plan)
  • 16" side overhangs, 12" gable overhangs for aesthetic appeal
  • Wood stairway with closed risers (all open stairways will be carpeted)
  • Owens Corning Oakridge Pro 30 fiberglass architectural roof shingles (30 year pro-rated warranty) with synthetic underlayment
  • 2"x4" stud wall on the perimeter basement walls
  • Code approved house wrap on all exterior walls

Thermal & Moisture Protection

  • R-40 cellulose in the ceilings above living areas
  • 7/16" OSB structural sheathing on all exterior house walls, garage walls, and gables
  • R-20 forma-batt cellulose insulation in all exterior house walls
  • Perimeter basement stud walls will be insulated with R-13 fiberglass batts & covered with flame proof PSK covering
  • Triple 3" or double 4" no maintenance vinyl siding
  • Triple 4" aluminum soffit, 6" aluminum fascia cover
  • Continuous aluminum gutters & down spouts
  • 15" shutters or window wraps on front windows (or per plan)

Windows & Doors

  • 3' 0" insulated raised panel front door
  • 2' 8" insulated flush service doors (for the other entry doors)
  • Front door to have a decorative handleset with deadbolt lock (standard selection)
  • Pella Encompass, Northstar or equall, premium vinyl sliding patio door ( includes sliding screen door)
  • Interior doors: Masonite, hollow-core, and painted (choose from standard selections)
  • Schlage interior door hardware (choose from standard colors/styles, all doors)
  • Pella Encompass, Northstar 1000 series vinyl double hung windows or equall with insulated Low-E glass, fiberglass, screens & easy clean tilt wash sash feature, front windows will include traditional style grilles (GBG), casement window in the kitchen.
  • Raised panel insulated overhead door with an electric operator & 2 transmitters
  • One sliding egress window in basement approx 50"x48" with a concrete surround and steel ladder


  • 1/2" drywall taped & sanded on walls
  • Walls to be painted with one (1) coat of primer and one (1) coat of Sherwin Williams Cashmere latex paint (or equivalent) with an eggshell finish, 1 paint color is included (selection from standard colors)
  • Ceilings to be painted with one coat of flat ceiling paint (standard color)
  • Drywall garage ceiling & common wall unfinished
  • All base molding to be oversized 4-1/2" painted MDF colonial style.
  • All trim to be oversized 3-1/2" painted FJ pine colonial style with painted jamb extensions
  • All double hung windows to have painted window ledges (casement windows will be picture frame trimmed)
  • An allowance of $3.90/sf floor area for floor coverings & underlayment installed
  • All two stories have solid oak or Poplar angled railing with ballusters at the bottom (standard style & length per the plan)
  • 1/2" drywall taped and textured on ceilings


  • 36" high flush mirror approximate width of bath vanity
  • Pre-finished wood closet shelves & chrome rods
  • Linen closets shall have a stack of four (4) shelves
  • Kountry Cabinets group B or similar as per the allowance for each model home design, includes laminated countertops in the kitchen and laundry room, bath vanities will have one piece Cultured marble countertops from standard selections.
  • An appliance Allowance of $2,000 for a Space Maker microwave, Dishwasher and Gas range. Microwave is planned for a ductless installation.


  • 50 gallon rapid recovery power vent natural gas water heater
  • Fiberglass one piece tubs & showers (white)
  • Two (2) exterior frost proof hydrants (plumbed hard)
  • 20" diameter sump pit with submersible sump pump
  • 1/2 hp Badger V high capacity garbage disposal
  • Ice maker line to refrigerator location (plumbed hard)
  • All water lines plumbed for water softener (except: kitchen sink-cold line, exterior hydrants, & refrigerator icemaker line)
  • Hook up for washer & dryer
  • Pex water lines with a Manna-Bloc manifold & PVC drain lines
  • Bathroom lav faucets: Delta 520 chrome
  • Bathroom tub & shower faucets: Delta 1748 chrome
  • Bathroom shower only faucets: 1724 chrome
  • Kitchen sink faucet: Delta 440 chrome
  • Kitchen sink: Dayton Elite 3322 stainless steel
  • Toilets: Gerber Maxwell 1.6 GF toilet with round bowl
  • American Standard gas fired high effiecency furnace (95% ) or equivalent
  • American Standard 13 SEER minimum central air conditioner or equivalent
  • Adjustable metal floor registers
  • Supply & return air ducts
  • Standard duct cutouts in the basement


  • 200 amp service
  • Wiring in Romex
  • Two exterior outlets
  • Outlet & low voltage wiring for garage OH door operator
  • Standard receptacles never more than 6' to an electrical outlet
  • Combination Smoke alarm/CO2 detectors as required by code.
  • Six (6) Low Voltage Terminations for technology (network\ethernet\pots\RJ45 with Cat5 cabling)(Coaxial with RG-6 cabling), This would include the possible main floor router terminations.
  • Option of up to two (2) pipes and plates for future cables (HDMI, etc.)
  • Allowance of $1.70/sf of living space for decorative light fixtures
  • Kitchen to have recessed can lights
  • Can lights for all front exterior front locations - typically one at the front door, one at each garage corner, and one or two at the porch (depending on size)
  • One (1) exterior flood light at each rear exterior door
  • One (1) door chime
  • GFI recepts as required
  • Great Room will have switched recepts and a paddle fan opening in the center (fan will be part of the lighting/fixture allowance)
  • One (1) outlet every 4' on countertops
  • One (1) outlet in the basement by service panel (other than required dedicated outlets)
  • Two (2) outlets in garage
  • One (1) switch and ceiling metal box per bedroom (includes fan pre-wiring), all fixtures from lighting/fixture allowance
  • One (1) exhaust fan and light in each bathroom
  • Other ceiling boxes and switches as per plan
  • Electric post light placement (20' from the house included), post & light are part of the decorative light package


  • Gas lines to the water heater, furnace, range, and dryer locations
  • One (1) towel bar and toilet paper holder in each bathroom (choose from standard selections)
  • One (1) 38"x30" steel area well for each basement window
  • Range hood shall be ductless installation unless specifically described otherwise

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