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It is our sincere desire to be your builder, not just the company that built your last house. Team Construction realizes that this can only be accomplished by providing timely and quality service after you have moved into your new home. We want to be there to advise you on any concerns you may have for your home, regardless of the time that you have been there. In addition to the new home warranty, we offer seasonal maintenance tips that will not only help increase the longevity of your home, but also to lessen larger repairs that might arise in the future.

Team Construction has a full time service manager who acts as a liaison between you and our subcontractors. When you have a service need you will fill out a service request and forward it to our service manager. He will forward the request to the appropriate subcontractor and track the work until it is completed to your satisfaction. This procedure applies to standard non emergency requests. In the event that you have an emergency you can refer to the subcontractor contact list that you were given during the new home orientation. As with any concerns you may also contact the service manager.

As a member of the Indiana builders Association we have agreed to build our homes to certain standards. The Quality Assurance Standards were created as a source for you to refer to about all aspects of your home. This source will describe in detail what you can expect from us and the components of your new home. At the time you sign your construction agreement with us you will be given the quality standards booklet to refer to during the construction process. It is also a helpful guide to be used years after your home is built.

For those who have already experienced the Team Construction difference, thank you for your business. For those looking for a company to call their builder, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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Warranty Rights & Obligations For All Construction Rendered By Team Construction Company, Inc.

Team Construction Company Inc. Warranty Coverage


Builder warrants general workmanship.


Builder warrants plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical systems.


Builder warrants coverage against roof defects.


Builder warrants coverage against major structural defects. Major structural defects being actual physical damage to any of the following designated load-bearing portions of the home, foundation systems, footings, girders, lintels, columns, walls & partitions, floor systems & roof framing systems. Failure of such load-bearing portions which affect their load bearing functions to the extent that the Home becomes unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unlivable.


All non-emergency defects in the first year shall be compiled & documented (Team Construction will provide a quality control checklist for this compilation). Team Construction Co. Inc. agrees to complete all repairs & correct all damages after 6 months and/or 1 year from the date of occupancy or closing, whichever occurred first. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to submit the checklist to Team. All standards with respect to responsibility & repair methods shall be based on the Quality Assurance Builder Standards as set forth by the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis. All warranty repairs will be done during normal business hours. Team Construction will provide the homeowner a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for when the repair will be done. Team Construction will plan to gain access with the warranty key. The homeowner's attendance during the repair lies solely at the discretion of the homeowner. After Year One any request for warranty coverage must be submitted to Team Construction Co.Inc. in writing. After which Team Construction Co. Inc. will respond within 30 days of receipt of such letter with respect to what corrective measures (if any) will be taken. In every & all instances if any building entity or related part in or out of the building is found to be defective or to have a defect in material or workmanship & or causes the failure of another related area. The defective part will be repaired or replaced by Team Construction Co. Inc. & all colors matched & blended as closely as possible. In all instances the warranty period begins the date of occupancy or closing whichever 1st occurred.


As a proprietor, the homeowner is responsible for the required maintenance of all equipment furnished. Team Construction Co. Inc. can deny warranty coverage if the building is improperly used, abused, neglected, or otherwise damaged in an ill manner. The homeowner further agrees to succeed to any manufacturers warranty that may exceed the builder's, as well as to reimburse the builder for any costs incurred which are out of the builder's warranty coverage.

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