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Certified Green Professional newly built homes

Green homes are rated on a three tier scale. As a Certified Green Professional, all our homes qualify for the bronze standard and with a few upgrades, your home can qualify for silver or even gold. Beyond environmental benefits, building homes in a ‘green’ manor means lower energy and water bills, more efficient use of construction materials which lowers build costs, and a generally healthier internal environment your family can benefit from for years to come.

What is ‘green building’?

Green building is designed to reduce the environmental impact of your home during and after construction. Where feasible, we opt for more environmentally friendly materials use resources as efficiently as possible. We consider environmental impact when planning land development of our communities as well.

How is performance measured?

There are two recognized Green Building processes, the LEEDS system which seems to be embraced strongly by the commercial industry and the NAHB National Green Building Program which is the program that has been widely accepted by the residential building industry.

The teeth of the NAHB Green Building program is the guideline scoring checklist. This checklist goes through every aspect of a new home construction project and puts a point value on the “green” building practices that are used for the project. These points are tallied to provide a total score which indicates the green building level (bronze, silver or gold) your project achieved.

Each home that we build is given a “Green” rating by our “Certified Green Professional.” You’ll receive information on your house rating early in the design process, and we can advise further changes if you wish to improve your rating. If you’d like to qualify for specific government rebates and tax credits, some further certifications and additional fees may be required.

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