A young couple choose various finishes and materials for their new construction home built by Team Construction.

1Ground Work & Foundation

In this phase... basements are dug and poured, under-slab plumbing is run, typically the basement/garage floors are poured, and the foundation is back-filled.

  1. Strip and stake lot new home constructionStrip and stake lot
  2. Dig basement new home constructionDig the basement
  3. Pour footings new home constructionPour footings
  4. Set up wall forms new home constructionSet up wall forms
  5. Pour the foundation walls new home constructionPour the foundation walls
  6. Strip the wall forms new home constructionStrip the wall forms
  7. Give time for the walls to cure new home constructionGive time for the walls to cure
  8. Run under slab plumbing new home constructionRun under-slab plumbing
  9. Pour basement floor new home constructionPour basement floor
  10. Pour garage and porch floors new home constructionPour garage and porch floors
  11. Install septic system or utility hookups new home constructionInstall septic/sewer hook-ups and (sometimes) utilities
  12. Backfill around foundation new home constructionBackfill around foundation

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