Giving girls who live in impoverished/rural areas of Cambodia the opportunity to learn English

We have our 7 winners! Congrats to Kat Wingard, John "I must be good at this...I'm at the top every year" Slabaugh, Jeff Schroth, Kent Oyer, Teresa Dahlgren, Bill/Toni Johnson, and Pat Johnson. We will try to find something a little special for the overall winner Kat Wingard (only because she's my daughter! haha).


A huge thanks to all who contributed. We received $3250 in donations and entry fees, enough to sponsor THIRTEEN scholarships!

STANDINGS (4/7/2021)

100% of the entry fees will be used to fund a scholarship for a Cambodian girl. There will be SEVEN* winners! Each winner will be named as the sponsor for a scholarship. The scholarship will cover 1 full year at ISET (our friend Polka's school) and a new bicycle for transportation.

* There were 6 donations of $250+... each will be named a scholarship sponsor regardless of the Team March Madness results. Dave W. and Chris E. were 2 of the 6, which is why they are not listed above as one of the seven winners.

Polka was the translator while our teams were in Cambodia building a school 2 years ago. He became so engaged in our project, his family now regularly donates resources to schools and students in the area. Team funded a scholarship for a girl to attend Polka's school two years ago and today there are 10 girls going to ISET with scholarships funded by Team and several individuals. 8 of the girls have excelled at ISET and are now employed as teachers at the school.

This scholarship program has been going so well, Polka decided to PROVIDE SCHOOLING FOR THE GIRLS FOR AS LONG AS THEY WISH!


  • Fee: $40 per entry. You may submit as many entries as you'd like.
  • Deadline: First tip-off, Friday 3/19/21

  • Cash or Check: given/mailed to any of Team or 5-Star employee. Checks should be written out to Chris Erb or Jon Wingard.
  • Paypal: or
  • Venmo: @Jon-Wingard

  • Hand a hard copy to any Team employee (any bracket - does not have to be the one provided on this page).
  • Scan/email it to or any Team/5-Star employee.
  • Take a picture and text it to 574-312-4609 (Jon Wingard).
  • If you snail mail your bracket and money to the Team office before Thursday, your bracket will be entered (even if received after 3/18).

  • Scoring: 1st round - 1pt, 2nd round - 2pts, Sweet Sixteen - 4pts, Elite Eight - 6pts, Final Four - 8 pts, Championship - 10pts
  • Results will be posted on this page after each round. If you have a login for CBS Sports, you can go to and follow the results closely.